Message of the Président

"People of all nations, may we one day unite to a greater extent and share the same vision, may we also ensure that «Peace» is not just an empty word and that the future of our civilisation remains under the specific symbol of Progress and Hope. This is the message which has be - come my mission and which I am broadcasting across the world."

Gisèle RUTMAN, Executive and Consultative Committees Chairman

Gisèle Rutman, Président of the IIPP

Gisèle Rutman’s career

Gisèle Rutman was born in France, coming from a family which came from Central Europe (Russia – Poland, Hungary and Austria).
She grew up in Paris and studied there.
Married to a French television producer (with two children), she worked for more than two decades with her husband, as an author and scriptwriter, until 1982, when they divorced.

Also a painter, from meeting the great international painter, Jean Dubuffet in 1959, Gisèle Rutman created paintings that she called, “The coming together of sculpture and painting”. An original technique, which brought great success from the start. These works have been sold in more than 45 countries.

In 1994, a meeting with the famous Irish producer, Terence Young, who has directed many James Bond films, Gisèle Rutman co-wrote the script with him, for a film directed in the USA, and broadcast on American television, entitled, “The Most Beautiful Times of Your Life”.

In 2001 and 2002
A novelist for the publisher, Flammarion and the publisher, France Loisirs (in 2003)
Last work, “Oubliez votre age … il vous oubliera” (“Forget your age… it will forget you”)
This book has a few pages dedicated to Jean Cazeneuve, the former President and Director General of French Television, and member of the Institute of France.


Alongside her novel-writing, Gisèle Rutman founded, in 1963  in concert with André MAUROIS of the French Academy, an international organisation in Geneva, of which she is the President of the Executive Board and Advisory Board, and which today, has 1022 leading figures in 78 nations.

In 1977, the Organisation was permitted to officially work with the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), in the “C” category (in 1995, all categories were removed) and today, the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PROMOTION AND PRESTIGE, is still presided over by Gisèle Rutman, with the participation, for the scientific and medical programme, of :

  • Professor Edmond Fischer, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1992 (USA)
  • Professor Etienne-Emile Baulieu, former President of the Academy of Science and Researcher at INSERM (France)

L’THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PROMOTION AND PRESTIGE is today thought of on an international scale, amongst the most prestigious non-governmental organisations in the world, for the following reasons :

- By its Members’ Boards, comprised of first-rate international leading figures. These leading figures belong to the world of politics, diplomacy, science, culture, social matters and economics.

- By its prestigious international prize list, presenting its awards laureates besides a half century of activity, where names from the most noble humanitarian, social scientific and cultural institutions, where names of from many nations, who are leaders in their area of activity, are added to the economic and industrial sector, who have been honoured throughout the world, or again, names of pioneering laureates and efficient companies from all areas and all countries.

- By the effective participation in its award-giving ceremonies, awards for distinction in each country, under the high presidency of Heads of State, Presidents of countries, Prime Ministers, ministers or different members of government and first-rate leading figures from all areas, amongst these, reigning Kings and Queens, His/Her Royal Highnesses, Princes and Princesses, Nobel Prize winners (as certified on the Institute’s website (

Because of this, Gisèle Rutman, through her work, jointly presides, on an international scale, with many Heads of States and many leading figures outlined in the previous paragraph.

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