The International Institute for
Promotion and Prestige

Founded in 1963 in Geneva and active in 78 countries, with members drawn from political, diplomatic, scientific, cultural and economic circles, the International Institute for Promotion and Prestige is aimed at finding in countries around the world people, institutions, groups and companies whose activities, accomplishments and work deserve to be brought to the attention of a wide audience through the award of an international distinction.

To attain this objective, the institute proposes to its Consultative Panel, representing several countries, to examine the achievements that deserve to be highlighted so as to possibly consider these achievements at the very highest level.

When members of the panel decide favourably, the means of awarding the distinction vary according to the recipient.

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The Head Office of the I.I.P.P is situated in the building of the Foundation of the International Center of Geneva.

Traditionally, the distinction is awarded during a ceremony presided over by an eminent personality or the minister in charge. It is desirable for the media to attend, including the national and international press. However, if a degree of privacy is required, then we respect individual wishes.

Since our objective is to bring to international knowledge exemplary actions and achievements, we publicize widely the names of the winners of our awards, cited as examples and honoured around the world, in humanitarian, social, cultural, scientific, technological and economic fields.

A non-political organisation independent of any governmental ties, the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE For PROMOTION AND PRESTIGE was in 1977 promoted to co-operate with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in category “C”.

In 1995, categories that define the obligations of NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) have been rescinded and replaced by formal and informal relations according to the degree of co-operation with UNESCO.

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