International Non Governmental Organisation (INGO), governed by Articles 60 and the subsequent Articles of the Swiss Civil Code.


THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR PROMOTION AND PRESTIGE has various categories of members and committees :

The INTERNATIONAL HONORARY MEMBERS COMMITTEE consists of eminent personalities who give full support to the Institute’s aims and bring their sponsorship and advice as honorary members.

The INTERNATIONAL CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE comprising representatives of the Institute’s Laureates and individuals chosen for their skills, and who express their views on the choice of possible Laureates.

The ACTIVE MEMBERS who are also part of the two previous categories and implement the functions entrusted to them.

The RESEARCH COMMISSION is in charge of gathering and compiling information on the candidatures to be examined.

The AWARD COMMISSION decides on possible Laureates.

The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is the link between all the afore-mentioned bodies, under the control of the General Assembly.

The SURVEILLANCE COUNCIL is in charge of controlling information.


The search for individuals, institutions, and companies worthy of an award due to their significant advancement of human knowledge and the quality of human existence, particularly through outstanding achievements in the humanitarian, cultural, scientific, economic and industrial fields requires much research and rigorous examination of the documentary evidence transmitted by the Members of the Institute spread over 76 countries of the world.

This information supplements the documentation compiled by the RESEARCH COMMISSION and thus serves as guidelines for the commission in the selection of candidates.

The selected candidates are then recommended to the CONSULTATIVE MEMBERS for approval, and then to the AWARD COMMISSION which decides on the type of award to be conferred.

The membership of this AWARD COMMISSION varies according to the type of distinction and candidacy to be examined.

It is basically made up of 15 Consultative Members, themselves IIPP Laureates.

The decision to grant an award is taken on the basis of half of the votes in favour plus one.

A working session of the IIPP members

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