The I.I.P.P (Geneva) presents below its prestigious Laureates in its four activity fields :





The I.I.P.P awards :

 The International Trophy.
Awarded to companies and institutions with outstanding international prestige and reputation in their particular fields.

 The Merit for Development.
Awarded to encourage private individuals, institutions, communities, and companies who contribute to the development of an activity field in the economic, industrial, craft industry, cultural and social sectors.

 The International Humanitarian Medal
Aimed to honour those committed to defending the human condition and working to improve human life.

The creation of new awards in 2010 :

The International Emblem for Entrepreneurs and Success
(Categories: bronze-silver-gold-platinum)

Granted in different sectors to bring large-scale creations and examples to the attention of an international audience: the actions undertaken by a man able to found a company, group, institution or lead research that led to innovations or the creation of avant-garde technology.

International Recognition for protecting Cultural and Architecture Heritage (taken into consideration per respective country)
Awarded on a global scale to those having contributed to restoring and protecting castles, manors, monuments and historic sites and cities.

For exceptional reasons

Internationnal Consecration for the Protection of World Cultural Heritage

In exceptional or personal circumstances :

The World Consecration Award
(Categories: bronze-silver-gold-platinum)
To honour the work and exemplary career of a man or woman whose creative genius has been recognised worldwide, for their innovative ideas, visionary spirit and ability to convince and to federate.
This prize can also be awarded posthumously.


In 2016, 4 new distinctions were created :

Successful company
This distinction is awarded in the SME mutual support programme to companies that have used their research and technology to come to international attention in their field of business.

Chairman of the Year
This distinction is reserved for company heads who have had innovative ideas for developing their companies.

International Recognition for Tourism and Reception
Distinction booked with the countries and the International cities and the areas of the world for their development in favour of Tourism and the Reception with International.

Business and Investment in Africa
This distinction is awarded in the support Programmes (business and Investment in Africa Programmes) to companies, with a visionnary spirit, want to invest in this part of the Word.