For about four decades, the focus of our activity has been to find, in the :

humanitarian and social fields
cultural fields
scientific and technological fields
economic, and industrial fields

people all over the world who, by virtue of their activities and endeavours, merit to receive an award and thus be brought to international attention. We, therefore, wish to get in touch with :

- Institutions, associations, and groups contributing toward the improvement of human life, and rapprochement between peoples,

- Cultural organisations or institutions aimed at promoting culture in all its forms,

- Scientific research centres, organisations, groups and companies which have contributed to scientific and technological advancement,

- Groups, and companies which are leaders or are about to become leaders in their field of activity through their progress and performance.

We are attentive to your achievements and would like to know about them.

A Research Committee will examine your achievements. The Award Committee, comprising former laureates, will then decide on the possible grant of one of our distinctions.

For further information, contact us by e-mail at :

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